Velvot Nigeria Limited is a Microsoft Tier 1 CSP Partner

Aliyu Garba, MD/CEO, Velvot Nigeria Limited
Aliyu Garba, MD/CEO, Velvot Nigeria Limited

Aliyu Garba, MD/CEO, Velvot Nigeria Limited


As organizations in Africa work toward migrating to modern technologies, they can place their faith in Velvot, a Nigeria-based digital transformation and services firm. One of the brightest stars in Africa’s ongoing technology revolution, Velvot Nigeria Limited specializes in providing business-critical solutions coupled with expert manage advisory services—we offer businesses a complete Tech intensity solution that is integrated, flexible, and cost-effectiveto our clients into the digital era.

A proud Microsoft CSP Tier 1 Partner, Velvot Nigeria Limited leverage the Microsoft Cloud Platform to build the best possible cloud and digital experience for business, also delivers expert cloud consultation, strategic IT services, cloud migration and deployment, custom application development, managed services, as well as user-adoption and training services to clients across industry Verticals. As a Microsoft CSP Tier 1 Partner we can sales and Offer Microsoft Solutions to our Customers from across 47 African countries.We offer businesses a complete tech intensity solutions that is integrated, flexible, and cost-effective.  Were a platform-neutral partner of premier cloud providers such as Microsoft, Google,Amazon, Sophos and Barracuda Velvot also develops customized, in-house solutions to solve specific client needs. To do so, the company relies on its vibrant team of IT Professionals and developers, all of whom are in the 24-30 age bracket. “We avoid hiring overly experienced personnel due to our belief that “learn it all” whichthe younger minds are needed to execute modern technology solutions. Our energetic staff keeps pace with the latest trends, and we are building a young and dynamics Velvot team that will steer Africa’s technology evolution into the next wave,” says Aliyu Garba, the 31-year-old CEO of Velvot. 

This investment in youth is surely holding Velvot in good stead. Case in point, the success story it has scripted for a large mortgage bank in Nigeria. With up to seven branches across the country, the bank struggled to meet growing customer needs through outdated technology, and the headquarters did not have visibility into the processes of various departments and branches. An engagement that started in 2015, Velvot has gradually migrated the client’s critical applications into the cloud, besides automating their day-to-day processes. The automation extends to all levels—from internal workflows to management to servicing customers. Today, the headquarters can seamlessly examine the processes of various departments, and the bank’s customers are able to make requests online and get attended to—in a flash—thanks to Vevlot Nigeria Limited-deployed AI chatbots.

Such use cases shed light into Velvot’s philosophy: every client is “a partner” in its success and not merely an organization seeking a technology solution. This is evidenced in the way Velvot swiftly responds to every customer inquiry and the way its Tech and Sales representatives spring into action. According to Aliyu Garba, almost every initial engagement—with a potential client—leads to a long-term partnership, and Velvot employs a step-by-step implementation approach to ensuring 100 percent customer satisfaction. Velvot also takes pride in giving customers strategic advice on how the solution can get them optimal ROI. “Some solutions are deployed within an hour; others take months. Regardless of the degree of engagement, we intend to deliver a solution that exactly captures a client’s request and always ensures clients get true value for their investment,” explains Aliyu Garba, before adding that Velvot supports the client through every step of the journey.

These are exciting times for both Velvot and Africa’s budding technology sector. Besides servicing its vast clientele, Velvot will continue to build in-house solutions through its Innovation Lab. The company has developed a business process automation solution that leverages AI and an internal accounting solution suitable for businesses of all sizes. Furthermore, “cybersecurity is at the top of its agenda,” as revealed by Aliyu Garba, and Velvot Team is constantly unearthing new strategies to safeguard its client’s data ecosystems.

In the coming years, Velvot plans to aggressively target new markets in Ghana and Cameroon, with an eventual goal to penetrate the entire African continent. Velvot acknowledges the need for unique strategies to tackle each market, a process the company has already begun. To win over clients reluctant to invest in technologies, Velvot will exhibit the benefits of digital transformation through real-life use cases. “Regardless of their industry, every business needs to transform digitally. We want to guide them on that journey,” adds Aliyu Garba. He also notes that while Velvot’s“Mission Is To Offer Total, Cost-effective, Next Generation Digital Transformation Technologies To Our Clients”. And the Company “Vision Is To Be The Preferred Digital Strategy Partner by using Tech Intensity for the entire ecosystems of Africa”.

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